The Road to the Road: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Florida Driver's License

Get your Florida driver's license in 4 easy steps! This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know, from the TLSAE course to the behind-the-wheel test. Plus, find answers to common questions like "Do I need to take the test if I already have a license in another state?" and "How do I get my S-Number?"

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Can I Get a Ride? State Laws Regarding New Drivers and Their Passengers

An overview of state laws regarding new drivers and the passengers they're allowed to carry.

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Learn To Drive : 15 Tips For New Drivers

15 important tips to help new drivers safely navigate the road while driving.

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5 Ways Parents Can Help New Drivers Feel More Confident Behind the Wheel

Five strategies to help your new driver feel more confident behind the wheel, enabling them to tackle on-the-road challenges without a problem.

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Tips for Taking a Good Driver's License Photo

A bad Driver's License photo can dull some of the excitement of getting your license for the first time. Follow these tips to help you take the best photo possible.

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