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Online Drivers Ed

System Suggestions


Most newer PC's can be used to complete our online drivers ed courses. We recommend a Pentium III processor (or equal), at least 256MB of RAM and 200MB available on the harddrive.

A high speed connection is required for optimal performance with some multimedia content.

Operating System / Software

To be able to complete our online drivers ed courses your PC/Mac should have a modern browser installed with Javascript support. We recommend that you always have the latest version installed on your computer to be safe. In some cases it might be required that you download software to be able to complete your course (like Flash, or a mediaplayer). In those cases you should make sure to have enough available space on your computer for a smaller sized application.

Recommended browsers

  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher. To see which version you have, click on Help on your toolbar and select About Internet Explorer. It is free and easy to upgrade your browser: Internet Explorer
  • Firefox 2 or higher. We recommend that you have the latest version of this browser. Versions older than 1.04 may not be as secure. To see which version you have click on Help on your toolbar and select About Mozilla Firefox. Again! It is free and easy to upgrade your browser: Firefox
  • AOL 6.0 or higher We also suggest that you have your security settings set to medium or low and javascript enabled for best results. All of your payment and personal information will be on highly secure pages. Here is how to check your settings: Click on Settings and select Preferences. Click on Internet Properties. A gray box will appear where you can click on Security. Slide the gauge to Medium or Medium/Low and click on OK.
  • Other browsers should work just fine also! However, it is always recommended to have a fairly recent version of your browser when navigating the web.

Other Software / Settings

  • Javascript Please make sure you have enabled Javascript in your browser. A lot of the pages on this site uses Javascript, so if you are experiencing problems (like the pages being displayed wrong), please check your security settings and that Javascript is enabled in your browser.
  • Zone Alarm is a great free service that many users have installed as an extra security. However, since it caches pages, you may find that turning the service off while you are taking your course will give you best results.
  • Popup killers / Virus protection Although these applications are very common and needed on a PC today they can also interfere with the functionality. Please make sure all security settings are set to a level so that popups are allowed to be displayed.

Feel free to contact us for further questions.