Behind-the-Wheel Training

A Well-rounded Learning Experience: Theory and Practice

At our online driving academy, we firmly believe that a well-rounded learning experience is essential for fostering responsible and safe drivers. This is why we emphasize not only on theoretical knowledge but also on practical experience behind the wheel. As your student progresses through our comprehensive online driving school course, they will gain the necessary skills and understanding to confidently take the next step – hands-on driver training.

Free Written Tests: Empowering Success in State Exams

Our cutting-edge online driving school offers a wealth of resources to ensure your teen is well-prepared for the road ahead. To facilitate the learning process, we provide free written tests that are carefully designed based on actual state permits or driver's license exams. These practice tests serve as invaluable study aids, empowering your teen to study efficiently and effectively, and ultimately pass the state driving licensing exam with flying colors. Our approved states include Arizona, California, Florida, and Nevada, and we've partnered with ROYS driving school for students in Maine who have gone through the ROYS program.

Insurance Guidance: Ensuring the Right Coverage for Your Teen

But our support doesn't stop there! We understand that acquiring a driver's license is only the beginning of your teen's driving journey. That's why our course includes basic guidelines on choosing the right insurance option for your newly licensed driver.

Online Driver's Ed is committed to equipping your teen with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to become responsible, safe, and competent drivers for life.