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It's no secret that American families are finding themselves strapped for cash. With an economy in limbo and job uncertainty facing breadwinners across the nation, we've all tightened our wallets as we weather this unprecedented storm. And while insecurity is never a good thing, believe it or not, there really is a silver lining. This economic slowdown presents an incredible opportunity to change our habits and reevaluate how and where we spend our money, not to mention our precious time.

If you're a parent of a teenager who's about to take a drivers education course in hopes of obtaining their driver's license, you'll need to prepare yourself, and your bank account, for all sorts of new costs. While many parents across the nation look at delaying their young driver's education in an effort to cut costs, there is a viable solution that wont anger your teenager.

An online drivers education course comes to the rescue as a solution that could help keep a lot more money in your wallet.

Enjoying manageable insurance rates? They're about to go up. Teenage drivers can present a serious risk on the road. Whether true for your young driver or not, teenage drivers are viewed as reckless motorists who push the limits, break the rules, and endanger the lives of others on the road.

Enrolling your teenager in an approved drivers education program can change people's perception of your young driver. It can also change your insurance company's perception. Students who have taken a state-approved online drivers education course save significantly on their insurance rates. And if you're paying for your teenager's insurance policy, you'll be able to manage the slight increase in the price of your policy that comes with covering your new driver. brings the in-class component of driver education into your home. The course is intuitively designed to help students not only pass their driving examination, but also to help them remember the rules of the road and stay safe behind the wheel.

Since the course can be taken from anywhere, there's no need to travel to a physical location. That means you'll save money on gas and other random expenses like picking up fast food en route to class. While these costs can seem relatively small, they add up in the long run.

An online drivers ed course also teaches students other money-saving driving tips. Students will learn that speeding not only endangers lives, but it also endangers your bank account. Obeying the speed limit and not accelerating too quickly could help your teenager conserve gas, not to mention money. A host of other money-saving maintenance tips are shared in online drivers and in-class education courses every day.

But perhaps the biggest financial benefits offered by an online drivers education course is the low cost of enrolment., for example, offers a state-approved driver's education course for well under $90 in most states, including the cost of a completion certificate. offers several ways to recession-proof your teenage driver. Discovering them all, much like getting your completion certificate, is just a few clicks away.