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Driving Safely in a Parking Garage

When driving in a parking garage it's important for drivers (especially new drivers) to take extra precautions. Many malls and large shopping centers have parking garages and busy parking lots that require you to pay close attention. Accidents occur in parking lots and garages across the country though they are vastly under reported. Fender benders are a particularly common sight as mall patrons from all directions fight for a single parking spot, forgetting all the rules and traffic laws that they learned in driver's education and throwing driver safety out the window.

Today, we're going to focus on things you can do to avoid getting in an accident in a parking garage or busy parking lot. These are tips that promote driver safety and are especially useful for new drivers entering a driver's education course.

Tip #1 -- Park Far Away

Drivers new and old are always keen on getting a spot close to the entrance. If you can stand to walk a few minutes, park far away from the door. It is common courtesy to save the close spots for the elderly and people who are unable to walk great distances.

You'll benefit from not having to fight other drivers for the closer spots. Shoppers are an aggressive bunch and they'll stop at nothing to fight with you for a parking spot. When you are ready to leave it will be more convenient to be away from the main entrance and be able to reverse out of the spot calmly instead of with the pressure of a line of traffic behind you because one person wants to wait for your spot.

Tip #2 -- Use Your Horn

Don't be afraid to use your horn. The horn, when properly used, can help promote driver safety. Use the horn as a warning device that you're approaching from around the bend. Tell a driver backing out from a parking spot to wait their turn because you're getting close and intending to pass. Warn pedestrians who may be approaching your vehicle that you're backing up. Another driver may not be able to see you negotiating the tight corner. But if they hear your gentle tap of the horn, they will be more inclined to slow down, thus preventing a potential car accident. The horn can prevent accidents. Use it wisely.

Tip #3 -- Proceed With Caution

With so many pedestrians and drivers in one packed area, it's critical that you drive with caution. Remember this: Be aware of your surroundings, drive safe and be proactive on the road to anticipate situations ahead. Doing so will help you get in and out of parking garages and busy parking lots safely.

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