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Driving Safely in a Parking Garage

When driving in a parking garage, it's crucial for drivers, particularly new drivers, to take extra precautions. Many malls and large shopping centers have parking garages and busy parking lots that require you to be extra vigilant. Accidents occur in parking lots and garages across the country, though they are often underreported. Fender benders are especially common as mall patrons from all directions compete for a single parking spot, disregarding the rules and traffic laws they learned in driver's education and compromising driver safety.

Today, we're going to focus on things you can do to avoid getting into an accident in a parking garage or busy parking lot. These driver safety tips are particularly useful for new drivers enrolled in a driver's education course.

Tip #1 -- Choose a Distant Parking Spot

Both new and experienced drivers often aim for a parking spot close to the entrance. If you don't mind walking a few extra minutes, park further away from the door. It's common courtesy to leave the closer spots for the elderly and people who have difficulty walking long distances.

By choosing a distant spot, you'll avoid competing with other drivers for the closer spots. Shoppers can be aggressive, and they may not hesitate to challenge you for a parking space. When you're ready to leave, being away from the main entrance will make it easier to back out of the spot calmly, without the pressure of a line of traffic waiting for your spot.

Tip #2 -- Utilize Your Horn

Don't be afraid to use your horn. When used correctly, the horn can contribute to driver safety. Employ the horn as a warning device when approaching a blind corner. Alert a driver backing out from a parking spot that you're approaching and intend to pass. Warn pedestrians near your vehicle that you're reversing. Another driver may not see you navigating a tight corner, but a gentle tap of the horn can prompt them to slow down, thus preventing a potential car accident. The horn can avert accidents, so use it judiciously.

Tip #3 -- Practice Caution

Given the high concentration of pedestrians and drivers in one packed area, driving cautiously is essential. Keep this in mind: Be aware of your surroundings, prioritize safe driving, and proactively anticipate situations ahead. Doing so will help you navigate parking garages and busy parking lots safely and efficiently.

Tip #4 -- Observe and Respect Traffic Signs and Markings

Parking garages and busy parking lots often have traffic signs and markings to regulate traffic flow, indicate speed limits, and designate pedestrian areas. These signs and markings are in place to ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians alike. Always be vigilant and obey these signs and markings while navigating through parking areas.

For instance, adhere to the posted speed limits, which are usually lower in parking areas to accommodate the presence of pedestrians and other vehicles. Also, pay attention to directional arrows that indicate one-way lanes, no-entry zones, or specific parking patterns. By respecting and following the designated traffic signs and markings, you will contribute to a safer and more efficient parking environment for everyone.

Navigating parking garages and busy parking lots can be challenging, especially for new drivers. By following these tips – parking far away, using your horn wisely, proceeding with caution, and observing traffic signs and markings – you can significantly improve your driving safety in these areas. Remember that patience and attentiveness go a long way in preventing accidents and ensuring a smooth parking experience. Keep practicing and applying the skills you learned in driver's education, and you'll become a confident and responsible driver in all driving environments.

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