Expert Online Driver's Education for a Lifetime of Safe Driving

At, we believe in the freedom to learn and the freedom to drive. Since 2004, we have been committed to providing a safe, secure, and convenient online driving school experience for teens and their parents. Our interactive learning approach ensures that 99% of our students pass their state driving exams without ever stepping foot in a traditional classroom.

Flexible Learning with Proven Results

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, industry professionals, and online learning expertise from our sister company, Traffic School Online, we have successfully helped thousands of teens and their parents obtain their driver's licenses through our intuitive, self-paced learning environment. This online driving school not only delivers superior results compared to traditional classroom training but also offers unparalleled flexibility, making it easy for families to fit driver's education into their busy schedules.

Innovative One-on-One Interactive Solution

With over 10 years of experience in online driver education, our innovative one-on-one interactive solution is constantly evolving to offer the most effective alternative to traditional in-person programs. Our passion and hands-on approach set us apart from other online driver's ed providers.

State-Approved and User-Friendly Course

We are also actively engaged in state regulatory issues related to online driver education nationwide. Our state-approved course is designed to provide a seamless user experience, making it the perfect alternative to traditional classroom learning. We are currently approved in California, Arizona, Florida, and Nevada.