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Why Take Driver Training Online?

We recognize that today's teens are the "Internet generation." Surfing the Web, email, instant messaging, and iPods, are second nature to them. That's why teen driver online training for teens delivers drivers education in a familiar online environment that is relevant to their contemporary experience; a setting where teens are comfortable and learn more effectively.

The only difference between online drivers ed and a traditional classroom program is the way that students learn drivers education. The materials are the same. More importantly, unlike some commercial courses, our self-paced program gives students as much time as they need to learn the drivers education materials all for one affordable fee, no matter how long it takes. Our students complete the teen driver online training when they have successfully passed all of the required tests, not when time is up.

Successful graduates of our online drivers ed program report that learning at their own pace helped them focus better than learning through in-class lecturing. One-on-one virtual learning environments such as our innovative driver online training for teens improves student focus, and several U.S. and International studies back up this claim.