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5 Tips For Those Learning to Drive

Learning the necessary skills you're going to need for the rest of your life can seem like a big challenge. As such, here are some handy tips.
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Essential Tips for New Drivers

Even if you have been able to learn the basics, there are extra tips that are helpful to know. Here are some essential tips for new drivers.
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The Biggest Driving Distractions

As a driver, your attention should be focused on the road ahead. Unfortunately, it's easy for drivers to become distracted by what's around them.
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Drivers Can Coexist With Cyclists on the Road

Cyclists and drivers fill the streets daily. To learn how to share the road with cyclists, drivers need to understand what the road is like for cyclists.
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Lethal Weapon: Your Cell Phone

Texting while driving is lethal. In many states, it's illegal. But thousands of people still text while driving, and these drivers are causing accidents.
road rage

See How Easily You Can Avoid Road Rage

Aggressive drivers can be dangerous for passengers and the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians. It's important that drivers know how to avoid road rage.

Cyclist Safety on California's Roads

As a new driver, it's important to know how to drive safely around cyclists. You'll be sharing the road with not only other drivers, but also bicyclists.
car accident

Learning from Tragedy on the Road

On Friday, February 20th, an SUV packed with one American and a group of foreign students who were studying in the United States swerved off the highway, crashed into a tree and burst into flames. Six of the seven people in the vehicle were killed.