shaving while driving

Everywhere we go, various things and people compete for our attention. As a driver, your focus should always be on the road ahead, as well as your rearview and side mirrors. Both new and experienced drivers can easily be distracted by their surroundings. While many driving distractions are beyond our control and challenging to avoid, being aware of them and making a deliberate effort to dodge them can significantly improve road safety for everyone.

External Driving Distractions

Billboards and Advertisements

Advertisements play a vital role in driving our economy. However, they can also be a trigger for unsafe driving. Billboards on buildings, real estate ads on park benches, and flyers posted on traffic poles all demand our attention. If you enjoy observing ads, opt for a magazine or wait until you're stopped at a light to check them out. There's no need to risk driver safety just to read a catchy headline or glance at an intriguing image. Remember, taking your eyes off the road, even for a moment, can lead to minor accidents or more severe consequences. Make a conscious effort to ignore billboards when you're behind the wheel.

People and Pets

It's natural for our eyes to be drawn to interesting or visually appealing things, including people. You might be captivated by a lady wearing a funny hat, an attractive gentleman in a well-tailored suit, or a woman jogging. As any driver education program will emphasize, pedestrian safety is just as important as driver safety.

While it's crucial to be mindful of pedestrians and your surroundings, try not to stare or become too distracted. Pedestrians with pets can be particularly attention-grabbing. Be conscious of them, but maintain your focus on driving safely.


Reduced visibility, such as glare, can be very distracting and challenging to avoid. Driving towards a sunrise or sunset can make it harder for you to see and remain safe on the road. Although this distraction is inevitable, a pair of sunglasses can alleviate the issue. Consider keeping sunglasses in your car at all times. Additionally, keeping your windshield clean can help. Take a few minutes to clean the windshield while you're at the gas station.

Internal Driving Distractions

Various items inside your vehicle can also be highly distracting. Being aware of these distractions and planning accordingly can help you avoid them.

Cell Phone

Cell phones can be lifesavers, offering drivers a way to contact help during emergencies. However, using a cell phone while driving can significantly jeopardize the safety of the cell phone user and other drivers on the road.

Any activity involving a cell phone is distracting. Making or answering calls, sending or reading text messages, and sending emails should all be avoided. Even when using a hands-free device, the conversation itself can still be a distraction.

GPS / Navigation

While having a navigation system in your vehicle can be incredibly helpful, it can also be very distracting. Make sure to input your destination into the GPS unit before starting your trip. If necessary, ask a passenger to enter the address for you.

If your car doesn't have a built-in navigation system, be aware that traditional maps and printed directions can be equally distracting. If you need to consult your directions, ensure you pull over to a safe spot on the side of the road, turn on your hazard lights, and then check your map or written directions. It might take a few extra minutes, but it will help you stay safe on the road. Alternatively, you can ask a passenger to act as a navigator and refer to the map for you.

Preventable Distractions

Numerous drivers engage in unsafe driving habits daily, endangering the lives of fellow drivers and pedestrians. They distract themselves from the road by engaging in non-driving-related activities, often unaware of the potential dangers on the road.

While the following items might not be the biggest driving distractions, they still pose a risk and should be avoided:


From sandwiches to bowls of cereal and plates of spaghetti, we've seen it all. Eating while driving can be highly distracting, especially if you spill something hot or make a mess. In such situations, your concentration will likely shift from driving to dealing with the food-related issue.

Applying Makeup

Checking your mirrors before putting your car into the drive is essential to ensure your blind spot is clear, as emphasized in driver's education. However, using your car mirrors for makeup application is not their intended purpose. While it's fine to apply makeup when your car is parked, avoid doing so while driving, as it's unsafe.


Surprisingly, some people attempt to read books while driving. Regardless of whether the book is about driver's education, it doesn't belong behind the wheel. If you're engrossed in a book, please finish it before getting in your car.

Changing Your Attire

It should go without saying, but changing your clothes while driving is not safe. Not only is it distracting, but if you need to quickly brake while putting on pants, you might be unable to do so due to your foot being caught in the pant leg.

Hopefully, this list of driving distractions seems absurd and ridiculous, because they are. Whether it's one of the biggest driving distractions or a seemingly trivial one, it's still unsafe and should be avoided for the sake of safe driving.

Whether the distraction is outside or inside the vehicle, it's crucial to be aware of them and avoid them whenever possible. Remember, convenience should never take priority over safety.