14 year old racer dominic martinez

On March 16th, 2016, Dominic Martinez (age 14), and his father Eric Martinez, teamed up with Sonoma Raceway to allow the young and upcoming pro-am drifter, Dominic, to legally drive his newly built race car, despite being too young for a license. With his pristine Nissan S14 240SX, this young competitor was able to participate in the Sonoma Drift event later in the evening.

Eric Martinez, with his own experiences in drifting, used his knowledge to put together a drifting dream car for his son. This race car took him an impressive three months to build. Each part was hand-picked and put together by professionals to ensure it was up to safety codes and regulations.

At Sim Raceway’s driver training course, this mechanical beauty was given to Dominic as a birthday surprise. He went in expecting to get work done on his previous car, but with careful planning, his father was able to surprise him with a new superior drift car.

Dominic has a passion for competitive drifting and looks forward to competing in future events that will allow him to legally participate, despite his age.

OnlineDriversEd.com has some exclusive footage coming up with Dominic Martinez drifting and telling us his humble thoughts on the experience. We’re also going to explore why drifting at raceways is safer and more fun than anywhere else.

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