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driving in the rain

14 Tips For New Drivers Traveling In the Rain

As a new driver, you are going to find yourself in the pouring rain. Here are some tips for new drivers when they are driving in the rain.
driving expenses

Expenses New Drivers Should Consider

Find out all of the extra costs involved in becoming a new driving and what you can do to decrease them.
parking lot

The Best Places To Learn How To Drive

Learn not only driving tips and tricks but also find all of the best places to learn how to drive.
driving in the summer

100 Deadliest Days for Teens on the Road

Summer is an exciting time for a new driver. Unfortunately, the summer months are also the most dangerous time to be on the road.
using cell phone

How to Monitor Your Teen’s Driving Skills

There are many useful tools you can use to monitor your teen’s driving skills. Learn how they can be of value in ensuring your teen is a skilled driver.
teen learning to drive

How to Overcome New Teenage Driver Anxiety

There's nothing like the anxiety that comes with a teen getting ready to get their driver's license. Learn how parents can overcome that fear and anxiety.