Course Outline

This self-paced driver's education course is delivered in an online format, incorporating text, interactive animations, and video.

Interactive Slideshow Course

The slideshow course consists of 7 units, each featuring text, graphics, animations, and videos, along with complete audio narration. At the end of each unit, there is a review quiz with 10 multiple-choice questions to help you prepare for the final exam.

The final exam comprises 40 multiple-choice questions covering all topics discussed in the course. You can retake the final exam as many times as needed to achieve a passing score of 80% or higher.

Course Content

The Florida driver education course covers the following topics:

  1. Driving responsibilities
  2. Driver licensing and the point system
  3. How natural forces affect driving a vehicle
  4. Signs, signals, and road markings
  5. Rules of the road and safe driving practices
  6. Accident causes and prevention
  7. Sharing the road
  8. Human physical and psychological issues
  9. The effects of alcohol & drugs on the body
  10. The effects of alcohol and drugs on driving
  11. The costs of alcohol and drug use

Course Objective

Upon completing this course, students will understand:

  1. Florida driver licensing requirements
  2. Basic rules of the road and Florida vehicle code
  3. Vehicle operations, performance, and maintenance
  4. Defensive driving techniques to avoid accidents
  5. The physical and psychological effects of drugs and alcohol
  6. The dangers of driving while impaired
  7. The costs of impaired driving and drug and alcohol abuse to individuals, others, and society as a whole
  8. Positive strategies for coping with peer pressure, stress, and boredom