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Why Practice Permit Tests are the Secret Ingredient

Did you know that nearly half of those who take their written driving exam fail it the first time? The test can be a bit challenging with all the rules and regulations that you are required to know. However, having this knowledge is crucial to being safe on the road. There are many ways to prepare for your written driving exam and by doing so, you help solidify your driving knowledge and become a driver that makes the best driving decisions.

How to Prepare for Your Written Driving Exam

Being a safe driver requires that you know the proper driving procedures and regulations. You need to know the basic driving rules, braking distances, speed limits, and so much more. You can properly prepare for driving exam using the following methods:

  • State DMV Manual — Read over the manual from your state’s DMV. It contains all of the information that you need to be the safest possible driver. You will learn about speed limits and the other regulations of the road. The book will contain information about road signs and traffic signals. Reading the book will also give you helpful defensive driving strategies and share information about avoiding road rage. Gaining this knowledge is crucial for not only taking your written driving exam, but also being a reliable driver.
  • Online Driver’s Education — A reputable program can help you learn all the necessary rules and regulations to become a dependable driver. Typically, these programs include written content similar to the state DMV manuals, videos, graphics, and practice quizzes. The learning that takes place is typically self-paced and sometimes, students who successfully complete these courses receive insurance discounts in addition to valuable knowledge.
  • Online Permit Practice Tests — Once you have gained driving knowledge, you can begin using it by taking online practice tests. These tests allow you to not only test your own knowledge, but to also see the format of the test you will actually take to get your driving permit. As you take these tests, your learning continues if you take it seriously. Either you will get the right answer and the concept is something you know and understand, or you will get the answer wrong and this will tell you what you need to look at more.

What Are the Benefits of Practice Permit Tests?

  • Stress Relief — Taking any kind of test can bring about anxiety. When you spend time preparing for the driving test however, your stress levels can be drastically diminished. Since the online practice tests allow you to reflect on what you know and what you need to know, you can take time to gain the necessary information before you take the actual written permit test. Also, with practice tests, you will have an idea of what the test will look like when you sit down to earn your permit. This means you will have even fewer questions swimming around your head, causing you stress.
  • Wait Time — There’s no doubt that you are ready for your driving permit, but failing your exam requires additional wait time. Depending on your state’s laws, you may have to wait up to 30 days before you can take the written exam again.
  • Focus — As you learn all the information necessary to become a safe driver and pass your written driving test, it can be a bit overwhelming. Taking practice permit tests online, though, allows you to focus your studying efforts on the information that is on the exam. The tests you take are modeled after actual written permit exams so the questions you answer and the content you are presented is what you will likely see on your exam.

Prepare for your written driving exam by using the tips that are shared here, and you can have success passing your DMV exam the very first time.

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