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Online Drivers Ed, a leading online driver education provider, today announced the re-launch of its website with a renewed focus on involving parents in the learning process.

"When it comes to road safety, parents of teen drivers want to be sure that their teens are getting the best, most up-to-date, most reliable driver's education," said Danielle Rose, Director of Online Drivers Ed. "Today, our improved online driver education program is giving parents that added peace-of-mind."

With new features that keep parents involved in the education process, Online Drivers Ed is the only driver's training program on the market that lets parents know which topics their teen is excelling at and which areas require more focus.

Rather than simply translating an in-class drivers training program to a virtual environment, Online Drivers Ed features a unique tool that allows parents to monitor their teen's progress online. Parents are kept informed of what their teen is currently learning and kept up to speed via email on what grade their teen driver receives at the end of each unit.

While most online drivers education programs are known for providing the same information offered through a traditional bricks-and-mortar environment, Rose notes that the Online Drivers Ed program goes one step further than traditional in-class programs by involving parents in the learning process.

"Parents are traditionally shut out of the classroom," says Rose. "Our virtual learning environment gives parents the opportunity to step inside the online drivers training classroom with their teen, monitoring their teen's progress to help them stay safe on the road. It is, after all, their money and their child's safety on the line."