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There's no doubt about it. You want the best for your new driver. After debating all the options, you've narrowed your choice down to a land-based drivers ed course and one offered online.

After doing all the research, you've already established that the level of convenience offered through an online drivers ed program far outweighs that of bricks-and-mortar offerings.

You're well aware that you'll save money on gas by not having to travel to a physical classroom should you opt for the online drivers ed offering. You're more than sold on the time-savings involved in not having to drop your teenage driver off at drivers ed and pick them up at the end of class.

You've already been sold on the fact that online drivers education, because of its one-on-one learning environment, helps new drivers absorb the driver safety information being taught better than bricks-and-mortar drivers ed courses can, which often boasts a 20:1 student-teacher ratio.

And most importantly, you like the fact that you can monitor your teen's progress through email updates at

But if you're still not 100% convinced why a California state-approved online drivers ed course is the smarter choice for producing safe drivers who actually obey the rules of the road, look no further than the parents of teenagers who have completed the online drivers ed course offered through

More and more California parents are discovering that an online drivers ed course not only instills the knowledge new drivers need to drive safe, but it also provides parents with a free refresher course that you just can't get anywhere else.

That's because when a parent and teenager come to the joint decision to take an accredited California online drivers ed course, they're choosing to bring a wealth of driver safety knowledge into their home. And that means that each time the teenage driver logs on to attend class, parents can essentially attend class with them and discover what they're learning.

For a parent who hasn't taken a drivers ed course in two, three or four decades, the information presented on their teenager's laptop can be a real eye opener.

Did you know that under new California law that came into effect on January 1, 2009, all drivers are prohibited from using a mobile phone or texting device like a Blackberry while operating a motor vehicle?

Did you also know that a GPS unit may only be placed on a specific area of your car?

If you were in the room while your young driver took the drivers ed course offered at, these are some of the many rules and regulations you'd learn. That's because we work with California state officials and government agencies to ensure that all course material stays relevant and up to date.

But it's not just about learning the new rules of the road that the governer signed into law. Parents of teenagers taking an online drivers ed course in California are being reminded of some safety rules that haven't changed, including how to drive in fog, proper parking techniques on an incline or decline, and how to signal a turn if your turning signal fails.

Two-for-one drivers education through an online driving school. It doesn't get any better, or safer, than that.