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How Technology is Revolutionizing the Way We Drive

Get ready to learn to drive all over again. Well, not so much the actual driving but, when you buy a car now, you may have to learn how to use a tablet if you don’t already know how. Vehicle manufacturers are adding “infotainment” systems in vehicles. They are now exploring ways to add the Internet to the car so you can find a free parking space, lower fuel prices and print coupons for restaurants. This is in addition to new safety technology.

Safety Technology

Safety technology like crash sensors and back-up cameras can lower insurance rates. Even those rates for AARP members may be lowered, especially for those who have impeccable driving records. A few years ago, you could find these things only in high-end vehicles, but it is finding its way into more vehicles available to the average Joe.

You can now find vehicles available with front collisions sensors and lane-change sensors. Combined with a backup camera and parallel park assist, driving is safer than ever. The front collision sensors apply the brakes if you do not do it yourself when something moves into your path or if you get to close to vehicles stopped on the road. Lane-change sensors warn you when you swerve out of your lane and some even move your vehicle back into your lane.

Back-up cameras and parallel park assist have been around for several years and help you avoid accidents while parallel parking, backing out of your driveway and backing a trailer into a driveway. They are also common on large RVs so you can back into camping spots without hitting anything.

Fuel-Saving Technology

Now vehicles also have the technology to save fuel. Hybrids use an electric motor, then switch over to gas when the charge runs out so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to charge when you run low on battery power. These vehicles are perfect for commuting. You can charge them overnight, then drive to work. If your place of employment has a charging station, you can charge the vehicle while you are at work.

Putting it All Together

Eventually, all vehicles will have Infotainment, back-up cameras, crash sensors and the ability to go farther on electric, thus saving you the cost of fuel. Infotainment technology will help you find a gas station with cheaper gas or a charging station. It will also save you money by allowing you to print coupons for restaurants or find a restaurant without driving around getting lost in a strange city.

Insurance rates could go down as the risk becomes less because of crash sensors, air bags and backup cameras. The cost of driving, after the initial purchase of all this technology, will decrease. Pollution from vehicles will also decrease.

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