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How to Monitor Your Teen’s Driving Skills

In this article, we'll focus on some of the many useful tools you can use to monitor your teenager’s driving skills and discuss how they can be of value in ensuring your teen is a safe and skilled driver.

So, your teenager has taken a driver’s education course, successfully passed the program, gone through the in-car component of a driver’s education program, applied everything they learned in driver’s training during their road test, and is now a licensed driver. What's next?

Well, if your teenager is like most new teenage drivers, they'll want to hit the ground running. Or driving. And you'll be left at home wondering if they're experienced enough to drive safely and responsibly on the road.

Teen Driving Contract

Consider having your teen sign The Teen Contract. It's a great document for you and your teenager to read through together. The document promotes driver safety, highlights responsibilities & expectations, and discusses driver safety topics that you may not even be aware of.

Safe Driving Apps

There are several different safe driving apps for all types of mobile phones. Many of these apps include safe driving features that temporarily disables phone calls, text messages, and emails once the vehicle goes over a particular speed. Some apps will even auto-respond to text messages received while driving to notify the sender that the recipient is driving and will respond later.

Here is a list of some of the popular mobile apps to keep your teen safe while driving:

This app reads text messages and emails out loud to users. This reduces the temptation and distraction of trying to read a text message while driving. also has the option to set up customizable auto-responders only for when users are driving.


With MamaBear, parents can locate their teen and find out when they are driving or riding faster than a pre-set speed limit. MamaBear has several other features which can be customized, including when their teen makes new friends on Facebook or Instagram and who they’re hanging out with.


Canary is another app for parents to receive real-time alerts about their teen’s driving. When they text message while driving, talk on the phone while driving, speed, or drive in areas the parent has designated as off limits, a notification will be relayed to the parent. The app can be locked on the teenager’s phone and if they delete it, it will notify the parent. Parents can see exactly where their teenage driver is and when they violate any of the presets they have enabled.

Just because a teenager has a license does not mean that they have gained all the experience necessary to be a safe driver. Apps are a useful way for both the parent and the teen to establish safe driving habits that stick with them into adulthood.

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