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What Should You Expect at Your Driver's Test? What to Bring?

Getting your driver's license is one of the modern rites of passage many of us go through. It provides freedom, shows responsibility, and for many young people, getting their licenses proves they are growing out of childhood and into adulthood. None of that makes a driver's test any less nerve-wracking, though.

Young drivers hearing horror stories from their friends who took the test, or whose only experience of a driver's exam comes from the spoofs we put in our pop culture, can relax. A driver's test is nowhere near as bad as some people make it out to be. If you can relax, and take a deep breath, here's what you should expect at your driver's test.

#1: Filling Out Forms

Any time you go to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, you're going to have to fill out forms. Most of the questions will be simple, asking for your name, date of birth, information about the car you're driving, things like that. While there's probably going to be a writing implement there, if you want to be proactive, it's a good idea to bring a pen with you. Just in case.

#2: Bring Your Car, and Your Permit

It seems obvious, but sometimes the obvious has to be stated. When you're going to take a driver's test, you need a vehicle to take the test in, as well as the permit that says you're allowed to drive as long as there's a qualified, licensed driver in the car with you. You'll likely be asked to show your permit before the test starts, so make sure you have it ready to hand.

It's also a good idea to make sure your car is road ready. That means you need to check the fluids, fill up the tank, and give it a thorough cleaning before your test. Not just because you don't want to annoy your tester, but because if you've got a passenger foot well full of empty cans and fast food wrappers, then you might be told to come back later. No one wants to deal with that stress.

#3: Be Ready to Drive

It seems simple, but when you're taking a driving test you really should be prepared for anything. Your instructor might have you tool around the town square, do some simple turns, and call it a day. It's also possible that your instructor will want to take you onto the highway, or make you parallel park on a busy street. Any task you may be called on to perform behind the wheel, you should be ready to do it. That way, no matter what your particular instructor asks during your particular test, you'll be ready for it.

#4: Expect To Be Told How To Do Things

We all get into a comfort zone when we drive. We have a certain way we do things, and we don't like to alter that pattern. When you show up to take your driving test, prepare to do things the way your instructor tells you to do them. That may mean turning the radio off, or putting your phone on silent mode. Regardless, you should do your best to follow all the rules you learned from reading the manual, and from going through driver's ed. That means you need to wear your seat belt, check your mirrors, use your turn signals, and more or less pretend there's a film crew in the back seat who will be using your performance to show future drivers how to pass an exam. If you can do that, you'll have no problem passing the test.

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