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The Best Places To Learn How To Drive

The Best Places To Learn How To Drive

Taking a driver's education course can be lots of fun, especially if you opt for an online driver's education class that lets you learn the rules of the road from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

But once you complete the in-class educational component of driver's education and learn everything you ever wanted to know about road safety, the next step to being comfortable with road safety and applying your driver's education knowledge is obvious: Get behind the wheel to practice everything that was preached.

But where do you start? Is it safe to just get behind the wheel and drive?

That's where parents come in. Once you have your learner's permit, you'll be eligible to get behind the wheel as long as someone with a driver's license and years of experience is in the front seat with you.

This holiday season represents the perfect opportunity to practice your driving skills with a parent by your side. Given the current road conditions, here are some tips that make these next few weeks prime opportunity to practice driving.

School Parking Lot: Perfect For Driver's Education

With the holiday season underway, many schools close their doors for the last few weeks of December, leaving schools empty and parking lots looking like ghost towns.

The empty lots can help simulate a real-world road environment while minimizing the dangers that come with actually being out on the road.

The first time a driver's education students gets behind the wheel could very well be with his or her parent. Having never been behind the wheel of a car before, the last thing you want is to be out in the middle of a busy intersection without being comfortable operating a motor vehicle.

A wide open parking lot can help you get comfortable with steering, stepping on the gas, braking and turning. Sure, you've heard how to properly make that left turn in a driver's education class. But talking about it and actually doing it are two completely different things. You'll be able to get a feel for how a vehicle actually responds to human control in a safer environment.

What's more, with all those empty parking spaces, you've got the perfect opportunity to practice parking. Make a right turn into a spot. Make a left turn into a spot. Back into a spot. Do a three-point-turn to turn around. The possibilities for applying your driver's education knowledge are endless.

You can even turn that parking lot into a simulated main street. Set up pylons and simulate parked vehicles, pedestrians, curbs, stop signs, traffic lights and other things that you'd experience out on the road. This will help you prepare for your in-car driver's education class before you get out on the road in a real-world environment.

Remember, when it comes to applying everything you've learned in driver's education, safety always comes first. Even when practicing in an empty parking lot, always exercise caution and be sure that you are obeying the rules of the road and the laws in your area.

Drive safe, no matter where your car may take you.

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